Waiver must be printed, filled in, and brought along to your appointment. If forgotten, we reserve the right to refuse treatment

Cathedral Sports Massage

We are very excited to be opening up our clinic to the public again beginning May 19. But we are also working very hard to put in place a number of measures to ensure your, and our, safety. Some of these measures include:

 - Only one chair in waiting room for you to use to put shoes on if needed
 - You will be asked to either wait outside or in your car until your massage therapist is ready for you and he/she will notify you when you can enter clinic via phone call or text message (please update your cell number in your online profile so we have accurate contact information)
 - Please use the hand sanitizer affixed to the mirrored wall in our waiting room upon entering the clinic
 - Once in clinic, please touch as little as possible and ensure you are practicing proper safety (ie. coughing/sneezing into your elbow, not touching your face, etc.)
 - We ask that you bring your own mask to your appointment. This will need to be worn the entire time you are in clinic and during massage, with the exception of when you are face down on massage table (this is not mandatory but if you would like to wear a mask, we will not be providing them)
 - Therapists will be wearing masks, aprons, and eye protection during all appointments as per the PPE guidelines set forth by the government
 - No cash at all please. Rob and Shannon will be accepting payment in their rooms from their portable devices and the rest of us will accept etransfer. You will find our addresses at the bottom of this page. Please make all security answers "massage" for ease of access. If you are uncomfortable with etransfer, we still have the point of purchase machine on site and will be sanitizing it between all transactions​
 - Booking appointments online is the best option for rebooking although if you struggle with our online platform, do talk to your therapist
 - Please refrain from bringing children or any extra people to your appointment if possible
 - We ask that you use the following screening tool if you are suffering from any symptoms​. If in doubt, cancel your appointment. No cancellation fee will be charged for cancelling due to illness

We also understand some of you still may feel uncomfortable coming in to our facility and we respect the decision to wait to see us. At the end of the day, it is each of our individual responsibility to do what is best to keep ourselves and our families safe.

Etransfer Emails:
Courtney Probst: courtneydprobst@gmail.com                          Taylor Seversen: seversen_taylor@hotmail.com
Jenna Stevenson: jennastevenson11@gmail.com                     Ocean-Jade Duckarmie: ocean-jade@live.ca
Rob Close: upnrunnin@outlook.com                                          Marianne Vanderleest: m.vanderleest@hotmail.com